Does online tutoring work?

Looking for an online tutor? Is remote/online tutoring effective? How do I find the right tutor?


Only if it is customized and NOT worksheet driven.
Why Choose Online Tutoring vs In-Person Tutoring?
Maybe your homework load has become epic. Or, your AP Calc class is moving a bit too fast. You’ve decided to enlist the help of a tutor.

Benefits of online tutoring
Luckily, there are a lot of options out there, from a family friend to a tutoring center to our online tutors at The Princeton Review . Some students benefit from regular in-person tutoring sessions, and others like knowing that they can access a tutor just when an assignment is particularly challenging.

So, what approach is right for you? When it comes to homework help, here the top 4 reasons why an online tutor can be a smart option.

1. You decide when and where
A standing Thursday tutoring session can be a gradesaver for your honors biology class but feel like a chore once the school year gets into full gear. Busy students can find it hard to keep to a tutoring schedule once they factor in travel time or unexpected disruptions like a soccer game that went into overtime. Plus, even if you have a regular session booked, it doesn’t always coincide with an especially difficult project or a looming test. With an online tutor you can get help 24/7, whether it’s at 10 PM after an away game or 6 AM the morning of your test.

2. More than one expert in the room
If you’re struggling with geometry, you may decide it makes sense to meet with a geometry tutor on an ongoing basis. But think over your week: Sometimes you need help with more than one subject. Chances are your geometry tutor can’t also help you with your Spanish homework. Every tutor at The Princeton Review is an expert in their field. So, you can practice the future tense with us on Wednesday and review for your chem quiz on Thursday.

3. Save time AND money
Tutoring rates vary widely and they can easily add up, especially if you are locked into a regular appointment that you don’t need. Online tutoring lets you get help when you need it, whether it’s a five minute physics question or something more lengthy (and an on-demand tutor means you don’t have to plan ahead!).

4. High tech yet personal
Research shows that close relationships between students and their teachers can make a big difference when it comes to student performance. Students in group sessions at a big tutoring center or who rely on automated online tools are missing out on the benefits of a tutor who is completely focused on what works for YOU.

In many ways, one-on-one online tutoring is the happy medium between personal and high tech. Our tutors are on-call 24/7 in an online classroom that makes it feel like they’re right there with you. Tools like a chat feature, an interactive whiteboard, and a file sharing tool, so you can share the assignments you are struggling with, mean you can learn through the medium that is most effective for you. Plus, our tutors are also real people who make jokes, ask questions, and empathize with the challenges you are facing.

The Bottom Line
Not matter which approach you land on, a great tutor can make the difference between feeling just okay with the material and mastering it or between passing a test and acing it. Find the right tutor that fits your needs and learning style, so you can leave homework stress behind you!


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