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  • and taught students on the verge of being retained, stay the course, and make honor roll!
  • we have consulted with police departments, plumbers, doctors, nurses, teachers, politicians, actors, athletes and many others, regarding dyslexia and the effects of delayed interventions and how to fix it!From Pro Golfers to lego masters...we have helped.

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  • Film: Embracing Dyslexia
    Producer-Jennifer Slaight
  • Published: Newspapers & Magazines
  • Celebrities we have met, who know about dyslexia
  • Companies who recognize us, for our efforts in dyslexia awareness
  • Trained and certified by our nations leading expert, in the field of dyslexia

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This past Earth Day (April 22, 2020), we adopted and now sponsor a wild hedgehog in Scotland! As a result, I can now be referred to as:

Lady Jennifer, Lady of Lochaber

(because I own land in Scotland) Ha!

We support the Nature Reserve at Glencoe Wood (Scotland).

Join me and share your story if you decide to become a partnering Laird!:

"Highland Titles was founded in 2006 by Dr. Peter Bevis, a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London, and his daughter, Laura. They started by selling plots from the family’s land in order to fund additional tree planting. The mission was simply to restore land that had been devastated by centuries of farming and unsympathetic commercial forestry.

The idea proved popular and the company was soon able to purchase a larger piece of land and expand the scope of the project. Highland Titles now own and operate two nature reserves in the beautiful highlands of Scotland and thank our thousands of supporters for making this possible."



Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator
Jennifer Slaight

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Jennifer Slaight is the Associate Producer of the film:

Embracing Dyslexia

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This film has been viewed on You Tube over 250,000 times

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Jennifer has been published in numerous news papers and featured in many articles about dyslexia...

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Dyslexic Thinking Thank a dyslexici for modern inventions like the telephone

Orlando Bloom says anything is possible
Orlando Bloom quote: "Imagine a world where people with dyslexia are educated in a way that supports them"
Keira Knightley says she was luck y to have a teacher who was focused on writing not spelling
Keira Knightly quote: "My spelling makes people laugh"


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We tutor students around the country and across the globe with our premier remote tutoring service via the Internet.
We have helped Principals, Psychologists, Professional athletes, Police Departments, Doctors, Plumbers, Nurses, Reading Specialists, College students, Entrepreneurs, and Inventors, as consultants or tutors...across the globe. From New York to Hawaii, England to Austrailia, and Sweden to South Africa...adding more every year!

Jennifer has worked with the authors of the official New Jersey Dyslexia Handbook. A must have! NJDyslexiaHandbook

Jennifer has hosted our nations leading expert on dyslexia:

First Barton Tutor in New Jersey using the Barton Reading and Spelling System

She was invited to attend the exclusive screening of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia in Princeton NJ. It was moderated by Dr. Sally Shaywitz who has put the science behind dyslexia and made it no longer a myth.

princeton University movie premire for dyslexia with dr. sally shaywitz

The Big Picture Movie