Tutoring Programs-Ages 5 to Adult

Smart people + Who hate reading = Dyslexia

Join our noble and diverse crew of students who reached their full potential. We taught an actual Knight and even a Guinness World Record holder! We have over 10 years of tutoring experience. We are the FIRST Certified Barton Tutors in New Jersey!

  • The solution for success, with our struggling readers is:
  • Teach them differently.

We don't 're-teach' either. We use a research based approach, which is the fastest way to get your student up to grade level in reading and spelling.

No more memorizing words. No more looking for context clues. No more guessing.

Instead, we teach spelling rules and word patterns. We chunk words into syllables. They learn meaningful word parts including Greek, French and Latin words. And we teach pre reading skills, so they recognize every sound in a word. As a result, they can read words they have never seen before, tell you if it's a 'borrowed' word from another language, and even spell it correctly. That is the definition of an independent reader.

If your student can't read unknown words or nonsense words, they they are not actually reading. They are simply memorizing. Learning our scientific reading approach, supplies students with knowledge and ability, which is a foundation for more learning.

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Contact Orton Gillingham Barton tutors:
Coach Jen &
Coach Amy at:
(732) 882-9695

We teach one on one, live, sessions, with research based programs, just like in person.

  • Avoid worksheet driven programs, as some learning centers implement.
  • No need for therapy or a medical practitioner, if your goal is tutoring to improve reading or math skills.
  • And no, balancing on a ball will not help you read (no science supports that "therapy" either).

We focus on helping students realize their full potential by focusing on their strengths. Our students are smart, and dyslexia is not an illness.

We tutor:

  • reading & spelling
  • math
  • writing
  • study skills

We offer:

  • ideal dyslexia screening
  • parent action plan!
  • free consultations, online (zoom) or phone

Our students are creative, visual learners, and very logical, so we teach to those strengths. Since we teach the way the students learn best, they learn so much faster! Our programs reignites their love of learning.

---Our teaching style:

Unlocking the students strengths with humor, logic, and real world applications.

We include brief "brain breaks" to break up the complex lessons, and give each student the ability to show of their skills with puzzle solving, story telling, or games (ideal for ADHD). Reticent at first, even 7th and 8th graders excel with our program and logical approach, because they see it works.

We are Certified Barton Tutors using this premier reading and spelling, multi sensory system.

  • remote tutoring via the Internet
  • scientifically proven program
  • over 10 years experience
  • FIRST Certified Barton Tutors in NJ
  • no homework!

This is the ONLY reading program you, or your child will ever need!


Math Tutoring:

  • Times Tables the fun way, with pictures!
  • Addition and Subtraction (with "new math" translations)
  • Pre Algebra-(time saving tips)
  • Intro to Geometry (real world examples and Trouble Shooting Guide for Proofs)

The best reading program for struggling readers and dyslexics:

Scientific research recommends an Orton Gillingham program as the most effective way to improve the reading, writing and spelling skills of struggling readers, poor spellers or people with dyslexia. And you don't need a diagnosis. Does your child struggle in these areas? Fact Sheet

Teachers and Principals check out our Online Resource Room!

Our program is also the fastest way to reach at or above grade level in reading and spelling. This program was designed for adults and is great for children.

How does it work? How do you teach reading without memorizing? What does that even mean? See for yourself with this short video of our program where we:

  • teach reading by sounding out
  • build pre-reading skills (not taught in school)
  • spell words with spelling rules
  • add logic to the English language

Each session is 45 minutes. Twice a week required.

For people of all ages: 5 to adult

We also offer:

  • Writing program
    for 7th-12th grades.
  • College Student study skills consultation. Great for adults too! Where we uncover your ideal learning style, apply study skills techniques, and introduce the latest technologies to save time studying and taking notes.
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Dyslexia Screening

  • Age 5 - adult

1 in 5 people have dyslexia according to the National Institutes of Health.

See if your child fits the dyslexia profile with our ideal dyslexia screening based on the current evidence based models.

Most dyslexia assessments tell you that your child is struggling.

  • But you already knew that.

We give you time saving tools to specifically address subjects they struggle in, with research based methods. And profile students strengths.

Does my child have dyslexia? Check out the warning signs and this 2 minute video from our movie, Embracing Dyslexia to see if you can relate.

Our screening is intentionally done in a familiar setting, like a library or our boat office.

  • And we do the assessment online too!


We work with all ages, so we avoid a juvenile approach.

  • the screening only takes 2 hours (other professionals can take 6 hours)
  • using 8 screening tools, to specifically identify dyslexia and the severity. We also note any possible co-existing conditions, if applicable
  • results are completed with in 2 weeks with a 10 page written report, and we will use the term 'dyslexia' if the student fits the scientific definition (Other testers can take months to complete results)
  • our report includes customized, time saving resources and any classroom accommodations if needed (other assessors just give you a manila envelope with results, that are hard to interpret)
  • we focus on strengths to overcome weaknesses, so we detail strengths
  • and we will use the term "dyslexia" if your student fits the scientific definition. Many evaluators avoid the term (likely due to the fact "dyslexia" is NOT covered by insurance). Thus, your student will not get the proper research based program under "specific learning disability".
  • great for all ages
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Online Tutoring-worldwide

  • Age 5 - adult (great for ADHD)

We offer the best reading program, online, via a remote internet connection; across the country and around the world. It is still the best multi sensory program that we use in person, and now offer online, with the latest technologies.

  • all you need is a PC or laptop with camera and Internet
  • we supply all the worksheets and programs on our shared screen
  • no homework required!

Each session is 45 minutes and twice a week is required.

Here is a short video of what online tutoring, using the Barton system, looks like...

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability (LD). 80% of those classified with a LD, are dyslexic.

You don't need a diagnosis to use our program. It is designed for struggling readers. Most of our students are dyslexic but it can help with other issues (auditory processing, reading comprehension, fluency, spelling and mild autism).

Successful people have dyslexia, and can work in any field they choose, but for many dyslexics, who don't get the right help:

  • The dropout rate for students with learning disabilities (dyslexia) is 35%—twice the national average.
  • Less than two percent of people with learning disabilities (dyslexia) get a four-year college degree.
  • Over 30% of all welfare recipients are estimated to be learning disabled  (dyslexic).
  • Over 40% of prisoners are estimated to be learning disabled (dyslexic).

The figures above illustrate how learning disabilities are impacting our society—not just those directly affected, not just parents trying to help their kids, not just teachers trying to get children through the school system. As a society, learning disabilities come at a cost to all of us. But our research based program WILL help, so do not wait.

We help build and preserve self esteem! Our students have become bookworms! Most make the honor roll for the first time ever. They can succeed in any career they choose. Their innate skills are needed in every job sector. What they are naturally good at, you can't teach anyway (athletic, musical, computers, marketing, social skills, creativity, holistic thinkers, artists)...but we can fix their reading and spelling.

Email: JenSlaight@gmail.com

Call or Text: (732) 882-9695


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Our Unique Teaching Approach

The biggest mistake other tutors and school teachers often make when teaching our students, is to teach them the same way, but slower. They teach them the same material, but slower. They assume our students are slow, which isn't true. The school's biggest mistakes are: Not listening to parents and doing the 'wait to fail' approach. That approach is discouraging and defeating and you waste valuable time.

Regardless of any official diagnosis, we do know for certain, that the way the school teaches language to our students, is not their ideal learning style. So why pull that student out to teach them the same way but slower? It's time to find out your child's learning style.

Our approach is to avoid the traditional 2 dimensional teaching offered in the classroom. That method requires a strong short term memory, where dyslexics are notoriously weak.

Instead, we teach students how to read, spell, and write without memorization. We focus on their strong 3-dimensional visualization abilities and teach language differently, by using hands on practices.

dyslexic students who mage honor roll

Our students difficulty with reading often resides in their lack of pre-reading skills. Skills that are NOT taught in school. So other tutors and school teachers try to teach our struggling readers without fixing the foundation skills in reading. It's like building a sky scraper on a weak foundation. Those students will forever struggle, as reading problems are not outgrown, they are persistent.

  • 90% of children who struggle early on, will struggle as adults.

We teach:

  • Phonemic Awareness (pre reading skill)
  • The Sound System (with clean sounds)
  • Syllable Instruction with vowel patterns
  • Meaningful word parts: root words, prefixes, suffixes
  • Grammar and syntax
  • Word meaning
  • Sight words
  • Latin Roots
  • Greek Combining Forms
  • French Influence
  • Yes, your 6th grader can complete all 10 levels of our system and have a 10th grade level in reading, spelling and vocabulary.
  • Yes, your 2nd grader can learn to spell the word 'auxiliary' faster than the school could teach him 'does'. And retain it. And that same child, for the first time, realizes he is smart because he can spell high school level words.

Our students are very bright and logical and respond well with our color coded word program. We are the ONLY reading program with the online app featuring the colored letter tiles. They can drag and drop to build words using an ipad, just as they can with physical tiles. We are modern and up to date with programs and technologies to keep our students engaged. And we take them out of  that classroom setting and tutor from a library, our boat or online.

Dyslexia Screening Mobile Unit Boat for smart people who cant spell

  • We are the FIRST Certified Barton Tutors in NJ (we likely trained the others)
  • We have completed the graduate level course on Screening for Dyslexia, offered by Bright Solutions for Dyslexia
  • We were personally trained by Susan Barton, an Orton Gillingham Hall of Honor Inductee.
  • We have dyslexia. We know what works and what doesn't. And our students get, that we get it and speak their language
  • We tutor out of our mobile office, which is a boat, at various locations, and we tutor online around the country.
  • We offer 1 on 1 tutoring and we offer the same program online for those out of our area.
  • We are official Producers of the dyslexia film titled: Embracing Dyslexia and we have been published numerous times.

We prepare students for life beyond the confines of the classroom, and teach them how to succeed beyond the florescent lights.

inside the boat cabin cruiser tutoring center wit hlap top on counter

After all, dyslexia is just an island of weakness, in a sea of strengths. And we teach to those strengths.

Highly recommend this book by Dr. Sally Shaywitz who put the science behind dyslexia:

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We have helped people across the nation and around the world in countless job sectors...proving that reading difficulties are a common global issue...we can fix.

American English dialect tutors based in the United States, but available online, to teach students around the world, in real time.

For our students abroad:

Our online tuition cover maths, reading, spelling, writing and study skills - We teach remotely, and offer one-on-one sessions with a live tutor coach - for all ages.

group of 7 teens smiling



Next Steps...

Contact us to get a parent action plan so your student can have the right tools, to reach their academic goals, based on their learning style.