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Specializing in struggling readers using evidence based programs. Offering math and writing help too! And career coaching!

  • We shared our advocacy work with The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, on her visit to the States recently. Her daughter was a struggling reader. We also shared our popular gel pens and reading tool (sold on Etsy). And we just met Matthew McConaughey and gave him our popular pen. His new children's book, "Just Because" is out now. Read it with our bookmark! Photo below. And we caught up with EGOT achiever and fellow dyslexic, Whoopie Goldberg! And we spent Memorial Day with singer and now author, Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish)! From his new memoir we learned how important harvesting strengths are in all students as he leaned on his music to help him through tough times.

Ages 5 - Adults

  • We use the gold standard in reading and spelling programs.
  • The Orton-Gillingham approach is an evidence-based reading program.
  • Ideal for struggling readers and dyslexics. Because reading is taught differently
  • We offer an ideal dyslexia screening too. Takes less than 2 hours (compared to 6) and includes progress monitoring and time saving resources.

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(732) 882-9695

Join our noble and diverse crew of students who reached their full potential. We taught an actual Knight and even a Guinness World Record holder! We have over 10 years of tutoring experience. We are the FIRST Certified Barton Tutors in New Jersey!

  • The solution for success, with our struggling readers, is:
  • Teach them differently.

We don't 're-teach' either. We use a research-based approach, which is the fastest way to get your student up to grade level in reading and spelling.

  • No more memorizing words.
  • No more looking for context clues.
  • No more guessing.

Instead, we teach spelling rules and word patterns. We chunk words into syllables. They learn meaningful word parts, including Greek, French and Latin words. And we teach pre-reading skills, so they recognize every sound in a word. As a result, they can read words they have never seen before, tell you if it's a 'borrowed' word from another language, and even spell it correctly. That is the definition of an independent reader.

If your student can't read unknown words or nonsense words, then they are not actually reading. They are simply memorizing. Learning our scientific reading approach supplies students with knowledge and ability, which is a foundation for more learning.

We teach one on one, live, sessions, with research-based programs, just like in person.

  • Avoid worksheet-driven programs, as some learning centers implement.
  • No need for therapy or a medical practitioner, if your goal is tutoring to improve reading or math skills.
  • And no, balancing on a ball will not help you read (no science supports that "therapy" either).

We focus on helping students realize their full potential by focusing on their strengths. Our students are smart, and dyslexia is not an illness. And you do not need a diagnosis to benefit from our programs!

We tutor:

  • reading & spelling
  • math
  • writing
  • study skills

We offer:

  • ideal dyslexia screening
  • parent action plan!
  • free consultations, online (zoom) or phone

Our students are creative, visual learners, and very logical, so we teach to those strengths. Since we teach the way the students learn best, they learn so much faster! Our programs reignite their love of learning. For our students with autism, we help them add logic and visual patterns to words and content so they retain that information.

  • our 45-minute tutoring sessions are fun and engaging because we also highlight the students' strengths! They enjoy showcasing their abilities!


Contact Orton Gillingham Barton tutors:
Coach Jen &
Coach Amy at:
[email protected]
(732) 882-9695


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Dyslexia Screening

  • Age 5 - adult

1 in 5 people have dyslexia according to the National Institutes of Health.

See if your child fits the dyslexia profile with our ideal dyslexia screening, based on the current evidence-based models.

Most dyslexia assessments tell you that your child is struggling.

  • But you already knew that.

We give you time-saving tools to specifically address subjects they struggle in, with research-based methods. And profile students' strengths.

Our screening is intentionally done in a familiar setting, like a library or our boat office.

  • And we do the assessment online too!

We work with all ages, so we avoid a juvenile approach.

  • the screening only takes 2 hours (other professionals can take 6 hours)
  • using 8 screening tools, to specifically identify dyslexia and the severity. We also note any possible co-existing conditions, if applicable
  • results are completed within 2 weeks with a 10 page written report, and we will use the term 'dyslexia' if the student fits the scientific definition (Other testers can take months to complete results)
  • our report includes customized, time-saving resources and any classroom accommodations if needed (other assessors just give you a manila envelope with results, that are hard to interpret)
  • we focus on strengths to overcome weaknesses, so we detail strengths
  • and we will use the term "dyslexia" if your student fits the scientific definition. Many evaluators avoid the term (likely due to the fact "dyslexia" is NOT covered by insurance). Thus, your student will not get the proper research-based program under "specific learning disability".
  • great for all ages

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Live Online Tutoring-Worldwide & Now offering 4 week courses, with live chat!

  • Age 5 - adult (great for ADHD)

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability (LD). 80% of those classified with a LD, are dyslexic.

You don't need a diagnosis to use our program. It is designed for struggling readers. Most of our students are dyslexic but it can help with other issues (auditory processing, reading comprehension, fluency, spelling, and mild autism).

Successful people have dyslexia and can work in any field they choose, but for many dyslexics, who don't get the right help:

  • The dropout rate for students with learning disabilities (dyslexia) is 35%—twice the national average.
  • Less than two percent of people with learning disabilities (dyslexia) get a four-year college degree.
  • Over 30% of all welfare recipients are estimated to be learning disabled  (dyslexic).
  • Over 40% of prisoners are estimated to be learning disabled (dyslexic).

The figures above illustrate how learning disabilities are impacting our society—not just those directly affected, not just parents trying to help their kids, not just teachers trying to get children through the school system. As a society, learning disabilities come at a cost to all of us. But our research-based program WILL help, so do not wait.

We help build and preserve self-esteem! Our students have become bookworms! Most make the honor roll for the first time ever. They can succeed in any career they choose. Their innate skills are needed in every job sector. What they are naturally good at, you can't teach anyway (athletic, musical, computers, marketing, social skills, creativity, holistic thinkers, artists)...but we can fix their reading and spelling.

Email: [email protected]

Call or Text: (732) 882-9695


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