Supplement your schools virtual learning with one of our live, specialized sessions for grades 1 through 12. This hybrid program offers a group learning experience with peers, online.

Introduced as a micro class or Pod class (small, private, in person school day-off campus) but we make it affordable and offer it online! Studies have shown that remote learning works! Some students have improved a full grade level since school has been out of session according to New Jersey Schools MUST provide the same quality of instruction and services, as in person.


Math, Reading and Writing

Programs for all ages and ALL abilities.

We specialize in those who struggle in these subject areas so we teach with a more creative approach, that is meaningful to all students.

  • Live online classes
  • up to 4 students per class
  • $20 per session (regular price is $85 per on on one live session)
  • 45 minute session
  • twice a week or more
  • grouped by age
  • engaging and social with brief "brain breaks" and games.
  • No homework required but worksheets can be sent via PDF for review.
  • Affordable Pod classes!
  • Supplement regular classes and use this after school
  • Sign up as part of your remote learning

Pod Micro Classes terminology: Home Schooling versus Public School Online Curriculum
  • Home Schooling is when a parent teaches their own curriculum, not a teacher or tutor. Homeschooling seems to have more restrictions regarding implementation, so teachers or tutors may not qualify to teach, under various home school guidelines. This is not the ideal setting for a Pod or micro class in many cases.
  • Online school curriculum, however, is not home schooling. So tutors, child care workers or teachers can supplement the schools approved remote courses.
  • Our online classes are ideal to help supplement school curriculum with our Pod setting.

Create your own local in person Pod micro class!

Some parents are choosing to co-op, small groups, using the schools distant learning courses. Once a week a parent oversees the days classes and helps students log on and supervises the set schedule. The Khan academy has a great class day schedule per grade.