And the WINNER is . . .

TO BE ANNOUNCED May 4th! Check back for more information! Entry deadline is 4/27/19

  • Each tutor can nominate one student,  (they feel has improved using the Barton system)
  • by filling out the form below
  • The student will be entered into a random drawing of tutor nominated students
  • live drawing will be held, on facebook, in May.
  • winning students name (first name only) will be posted on the website, with brief biography, with permission

The student will receive:

  • an award (like the acrylic engraved award pictured)
  • with their name on it
  • to celebrate their achievement.
  • along with a gift card
  • tutor can have award mailed to them to present to the student - send a photo of student with award is optional

Nominee FORM:

Enter name of the student you are nominating. We will only use their first name, last initial, with permission. See below.
We will do a random drawing of a winner from all entries, live, on facebook. One student nominee per tutor. Our Captain of Achievement Award is to recognize those students who have put forth the effort, faced their weaknesses, used their strengths, to overcome their reading hurdles. It's a congrats to them for taking the helm to their own success.

2019 - Captain of Achievement
will be awarded to . . .

Captain of Achievement Award 2019 for dyslexia

This Captain of Achievement Award is for all ages.

Our goal is to promote strengths, and reward those who tackle their learning style head achieve their goals.

Sponsorded by us!
Dyslexia Coach of NJ, LLC